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Why you should visit Croatia as a Digital Nomad

Croatia is known for its beautiful beaches, historic towns and diverse landscape. In addition, the warm Mediterranean climate makes this European country a real holiday highlight. In recent years, however, Croatia has also become increasingly popular among digital nomads. Let’s find out what Croatia has to offer for digital nomads.

Croatia has at least 300 sunny days a year. In addition, many travelers appreciate the relaxed lifestyle of the hospitable Croatians. Even if you don’t speak Croatian, you probably won’t have too many communicating with locals, because 80% of the population speaks English.

Also, Croatia has many places, cafes and restaurants with free WiFi. The internet connection is also very stable and secure. This point is of great importance for all digital nomads, since a good internet connection is a must-have for working on the go.

In addition, the cost of living in Croatia is significantly cheaper than in many other European countries. That means, if you travel and work on a small budget, you should definitely think about a workation in Croatia.

Zagreb – Capital city of Croatia

Not by the sea, but still beautiful: Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has a lot to offer. Here, you will find cathedrals and markets. But affordable accommodations are much more important for digital nomads, and you can easily find them in Zagreb.

You will also find plenty of coworking spaces here. With most coworking spaces, you can decide for yourself whether you want to reserve a place in advance or drop by spontaneously. You can choose between many locations in Zagreb, because the city is huge!

Split – Second largest city in Croatia

If you want to travel to Croatia mainly because of the beautiful beaches and great coastline, Split may be the best place for you. The second largest city in Croatia is located on a peninsula and is therefore surrounded by the coast.

Here, too, you can easily find affordable accommodations and coworking spaces. The town of Zaldar is also great for seaside lovers and digital nomads.

Homeoffice Visa: Stay up to one year in Croatia

And now, the best part: Digital nomads can apply for a home office visa in Croatia. With this visa you can stay in the country for up to one year. The visa was developed as an incentive for digital nomads to stay in the country long-term and support the tourism revenue in the country.

If you want to apply for the visa, you have to make sure that no tourist visa is required, no services are provided for Croatian companies and you are not subject to income tax. You can find out more about this on the internet.

Croatian food: It depends on where you are

Let’s talk about food. Croatian cuisine is very diverse. The variety comes from the fact that there are different dishes in each region. There is Dalmatian cuisine and Istrian cuisine or typical dishes from Zagreb. Here are three must-tries though:

Sarma – Filled sauerkraut

A dish that is popular across the country is filled sauerkraut. The filling can be vegetarian, with seasoned rice or with minced meat.

Crni rizot – Black risotto

Black risotto is also a nationally known dish. Squid provides the black color. It is often offered in fish restaurants.

Strukli – Pastry with cheese

There is also a vegetarian dish that is very common, especially in Zagreb. This delicious pastry is filled with cottage cheese and sour cream. It can be served savory or sweet. There is even a restaurant in Zagreb that only offers this dish!

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